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My Story

Creativity and intention are behind every design, every print and art piece.

Hi, I’m Natalia. I’m a west coast designer with an all-out passion for visual art, branding and textile design. With a BA in Industrial Design, a diploma in Fashion Design and 11 years of experience in the design and fashion industry, I like to create visual solutions that are thoughtful, intentional and strategically developed for each brand.

With over a decade of experience in several countries, I amassed a great deal of experience in branding, print design, marketing and art direction. I was lucky to work with well-established brands such as Decathlon (France), Grupo Soma (Brazil) and Stonz (Canada) and Lululemon (Canada), providing me with the opportunity to create beautiful work. 


I am passionate about my work and live to create with emotion, striving to reach and inspire your target audience and collaboratively achieve the best results for your company.

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